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No. of rat-bed-hammock-things painstakingly created tonight? 1.

No. of rats currently sleeping in or at least appreciating aforementioned custom-made bedroom? 0.

No. of rats actually inside my duvet cover, making some sort of nest? 2.

*long-suffering sigh*

Ah heck, any excuse to use my sewing machine. It gives me a dorky little thrill every time the needle pulls up automatically whenever I take my foot off the pedal. It's somuch quieter than the one I used to use, and so much shinier, and you don't have to do a million fiddly things to get it working again every five minutes! Ahhhh.

Still have £200 birthday money to spend on something special. It's from my Grandma and Peter (step-Grandad) and it was my 21st so I have to think about it, ugh. I mean, technically I've already spent it as I completely ran out of money at the start of December so used that, but since we get our loans on Monday I have to start thinking again. Bicycle to get to uni on? Would be nice, but do I actually fancy dancing with the buses in Manchester? Hhhmm. (No.) I've been considering getting a really nice camera for a while... possibly a DSLR (Digital SLR - those chunky motherfuckers with changeable lenses and that) and £200 wouldn't cover it but my parents only really bought me a dress for Christmas, which was in the sale anyway, and have been lamenting the fact that I got so much less than my brother and sister...I think they must think it seems like they love me less or something. Haha, I don't really care what I got for Christmas, to be honest, but if they want to give me money then go right ahead, that's fine! So that would help, and I can always chip in a few hard-earnedborrowed-off-the-government pounds.

The thing that worries me is that digital cameras are ALWAYS being replaced by a better model. And my grandparents are traditionalists, they would probably prefer it if I bought a really, really nice watch and kept it forever. I'm not worried about breaking it ("HA?! WITH YOUR TRACK RECORD?!" I hear you shriek) because I won't be riding motorbikes with it in my pocket, nor taking it on nights out, so the chances of that happening are greatly reduced.

I've just become very aware recently that I'm going to be living in France next year, not Manchester, and it got me thinking about how easy it is to forget places. When I leave Manchester there are going to be so many tiny things that I just don't remember, never mind how much I love and appreciate them right now. And I want to document that.

Which leads me on neatly to another thing I want (by no means what I'd spend £200 on, but if I went for bicycle option I could get this too) - a really, really good quality journal. Fuck Manchester, think about all the stuff I'm going to forget I've done in France! I'm determined to keep a hard-copy journal of my year there. And a nice, leather-bound number... hom hom hom.

It'd be nicer if I could stick excellent photographs in it though.

Any other ideas about what to spend it on?
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10 September 2005 @ 10:06 pm

Oh dear...

However, if you do want to get into my trousers, drop me a line and we'll sort something out.  

Everybody's welcome...

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